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Monday, October 23, 2017
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Software Audit
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Many small companies worry about the software they have installed on their machines.

Knowing what software yoiu have on which machine and where the licence details

are held can get out of control very easily

It is important to stay legal on software licencing as the legal obligation comes down

to the director of the compnay not the staff who may have installed the software


IT Reliance can provide a set cost software audit, once the audit is complete a report is

written up which visually shows which machines have what and where there are any mis matches

with current licences.


The next phase involves sitting with a senior member of staff and determining which users

need access to which software and why. and potentially removal of old unlicenced

software that is no longer required


Once the process is complete, an action plan will be drawn up and budgetory figures

created to get the software licencing up to date.


Don't let it worry you too much, as we have worked with FAST on many occasions, and they

do want to help as long as you show willing and a structure approach to getting it right