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Monday, October 23, 2017
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IT Reliance are a reseller of SoftXpand, this solution can save your company money and support your environmental obligations.

We were so impressed when we first tested this solution we could see major benefits for large and small businesses alike.

What does it do?

With the power of today's machines, 99% of the time a machine is on, it is only using 2% of its processing power, consuming electricity and genertaing heat as it idles. SoftXpand utilitises a Eco friendly Computer system (built from high quality components) and uses the processing power available giving this high performance to the end user.

Basically it is a high speed pc which has upto 8 monitor connections coming from it giving upto 8 seperate Windows machines with their own screen, keyboard and monitor. You use one licence of the operating system and applications shared between upto 8 users. so the cost savings in licencing alone can be vast.

What does it achieve?

83% Reduction of electricity consumption

83% Less heat output

83% Network infrastructure required

Saves on maintenance and support

Saves on Licence costs

Please enquire for further details, where we can visit your site and give you a cost comparison against your current solutions