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Monday, October 23, 2017
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What does subscribing to Shopper Discounts and Rewards give you?

Answer = Not a lot that you can't get for free

Do you build up an account with each monthly payment of £10

Answer = No

Next time you complete an online purchase from a big-name retailer and are offered a £15 discount voucher, you may want to think twice before signing up. It has emerged that hundreds of shoppers have had unexpected charges applied to their credit card bills – some amounting to several hundred pounds – after responding to such voucher offers.

Users of websites belonging to several big-name companies – including Ticketmaster, Pizza Hut, Ryanair and – have complained that they are being charged £10 a month membership fees after unwittingly signing up with a company called Shopper Discounts & Rewards.

In each case, they say they had responded to the offer of a discount voucher after completing a purchase from a trusted retailer, commonly ­believing the voucher was being offered by the company they had just bought from.

Guardian Money subeditor Jim Griffin recently found several unexplained £10 charges on his credit card bills over two months after he'd booked a ticket using website and, following completion of his purchase, signing up to receive a £15 discount voucher off his next journey.

Good News

You can easily cancel your membership:- log into your account

Once logged in, go to the FAQ's and you will see a link to Cancel your membership

 To get your refund :- Call 0800 731 9935, explain that you did not relaise that you had subscribed to this service, and they will quite hapily refund you (although you may have to fill a form in for refunds greater than 3 months)