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Monday, October 23, 2017
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Yahoo email has never been very secure and is the largest target for hackers of any email services available out there.


It comes free with BT and also with Sky Broadband.


We have noticed and found that Sky use a different version of yahoo email than the free one available from the yahoo site. The sky version has a section in the Account info where you can see recent activity on your account.

If you suspect your email has been hacked, please check this section and look for :- 'Yahoo's partner application access' entries

If you find any in the activity list, check that 'Yahoo's partner application' is not in the following area:-


"Manage Apps and Website Connections."

Remove any entries under here

* Always create a password containing Uppercase, Lowercase, punctuation and digits within your password, and avoid words found in a dictionary*

Ideally move to Gmail in the long term