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Monday, October 23, 2017
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brand new Smart Hub?


Setup and worked for 2 hours, came back after fetching a chinese, and the blooming thing has a green light on it.

Now, that is easy I thought (not being one to be phased by such things) maybe the lines down (bit of a coincidence maybe) but possible.

A switch off and back on, erm... still green light, doesn't even seem to try to get anywhere. couple more reboots, and then I know a factory reset will sort it....


Nope.... reset button does a big fat Zero, to me it looks like the firmware is corrupt, when you switch it on you get a quick off of the green light and then solid green.


Its what is called Bricked in the techie world, but even before that I was not very impressed with the device view, it just did not work correctly. and the whole config section looked like a front end for the old setup (bit like windows 10 settings)


I wonder if it can be re flashed from the USB port ?


until then, back to my Hub 5