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Monday, October 23, 2017
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Home Security Retford
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Home CCTV Services

Home Security Solutions

Protecting your home and property is important and today's technology offers the ability to continually monitor the status of your home.

Remote Dial In

Remote dial-in allows you to access your security system from anywhere in the world with access to the internet. You are able to make changes to security system settings and also view all of your live camera feeds and also view recorded footage.

IP Cameras

Network cameras can be installed as part of your home network and quickly set up to your home PC for use as a surveillance camera. IP cameras allow a user to dial directly into the camera to view a live feed.

Off Site Capture

Once a camera starts detecting motion, the CCTV system will start to record footage, this footage can then not only be sent as part of an e-mail and text message alert but is also sent to an off-site store, meaning that even if intruders gain access to the area where the CCTV system is cited they will never be able to retrieve the footage of themselves that has been sent to an external location.

Text Message Alerts

As with the off-site capture, once motion has been detected, the CCTV system can automatically send both a text message and an e-mail to you, wherever you are in the world. From this footage sent to you or by dialling into the system to see live footage, you will then be able to decide on the next course of action.

Motion Detection

The CCTV system's motion detection function can be set to varying levels based on the various locations that cameras may be sited. Different levels of detection can also be set up for differing times of the day.

Variety of Cameras

A large range of cameras are available to suit various applications, such as the ability to pan, tilt and zoom, concealed cameras, weatherproof cameras, even shock resistant cameras which can even resist being shot with an air rifle.

Alarm Systems

Alarm systems seem to hold less value in today's society, where protection is needed while not present in the home, such as on holiday. This is mainly due to older alarm systems incorrectly triggering frequently, leading many to ignore alarms, However alarm systems are still effective for alerting to a trespasser in the home while present and are also ideal for securing garages and outbuildings.


If visible cabling is not an issue or existing cabling is in place then a wired system is a more cost effective method of securing the areas of your home. Advantages of wired systems over wireless system are that all sensors are run from a single power supply so there is no need to change batteries in all of the sensors, also wired systems do not use radio waves so an enterprising criminal cannot clone the arm and disarm codes.


The first obvious benefit of a wireless alarm system is that there is no need to have cables running all round your house along door and window frames and along skirting boards. Outside garages and sheds can be covered without leaving cables exposed where an intruder could tamper with them. Wireless systems are also controlled from key fobs so there are no arm and disarm codes to remember. Certain wireless solutions also have solar powered bell boxes.

The disadvantage of wireless systems is that, with specialist receiver/decoder equipment, the transmitted arm and disarm codes can be intercepted or the radio signals can be jammed.