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Monday, October 23, 2017
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After receiving Calls from a few unhappy BT Fon Customers on BT's behalf we have added some additional details for customers who have purchased their BT Fon usage only to find it either does not work or is very very slow and unusable:-

You can email the BT moderation team on :-

Include the user details you signed up to BT Fon with and the subscription you purchased from them, explain to them your problems (Slow, unusable etc.) and request a refund.

You should also find a machine you can get on the internet with goto, log in with your user details and request a remaining balance transfer, especially if you have paid for the 30 days usage option.

Other contact details below:-

BT FON helpdesk at 0800 022 3322 select the BT FON/OPENZONE option4

Many customers of BT Broadband will now receive the BT Home Hub 2, and by default their Home Hub will Offer the BT FON service to other customers over your BT Broadband.

In one repsect this is a handy facility to have, because if you are opted in to the BT FON club, you can use other customers Broadband service if you are out and about.

The downsides:-

Many Wifi Devices will pick up and auto-join BT FON or BT Openzone Wifi Access points because they are open or on-demand. this means unless you enter your BT FON or BT Openzone username and password, your web browser and/or Email will not work on your mobile device (for example Iphone)

Another downside is that if a BT Fon customer who has joined your BT FON Hotspot (Perhaps sat in a car down the road) is using the maximum Bandwidth allowed (512mbps) your own internet service will be 512mbps slower than it could be, and in some parts of the UK 512mbps is all you can get.

If you are Opted in and you are advertising a BT FON Wifi Hotspot from your Router, opting out on the BT website often DOES NOT work even after contacting BT.

Many customers want to opt out, go through the correct procedure, wait the designated 48hrs (weeks in some cases) and the BT FON is still active.

The Fix:-

Ensure you are opted out of BT FON by either managing the BT FON service on the BT website, or Calling them and requesting to be Opted Out

Make sure you note down all the major settings that you have changed in your BT Home Hub, press and hold the RESET button on the Home Hub for 20 seconds, until you hear the click of a relay inside.

Your BT FON and BT OpenZone Hotspots will now have gone

Enter the changes to the default settings as you noted earlier (Wifi SID, WPA etc)