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Monday, October 23, 2017
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As you can see from the image below a typical laptop that has built up dust and debris between the heat sink and the fan, by just blowing into the laptop vents, the debris will be pushed into the fan blades, slowing or even stopping the fan completely.

Laptops are more dependent on good air cooling and the graphics chip set can easily be damaged by overheating




By Removing the debris completely with a proper service, you can see from the next typical image, how much debris can collect in your machine, making it overheat and run loudly.

Debris Removed



Some machines will require the fan to be serviced or even replaced depending on the state of the bearings in the fan unit or if any fan blades are damaged. You can see with this image exactly where the debris collects, and by blowing from the outside of the case with an air duster or compressor will cause the fan to be completely blocked

Fan Service