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Monday, October 23, 2017
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Spyware Removal Retford,Worksop and Gainsborough

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Pop-ups on your pc can appear in many ways:-

They could appear as a normal browsing window which suddenly appeared to a small information box. Pop-ups have been around for many years and have been previously used by advertisers wanting to advertise products in order to gain sales. This does still happen although not as often as it once had. Pop-ups these days advertise anything from gambling websites to websites of an adult nature.

Some may even claim that you have won a prize for being visitor number xxxx on a website and you should follow the link to claim your prize now. Another frustrating part of pop-ups often is that when you click on the 'X' to close it down another will often appear showing either the same content again or something completely new. And because the appearance of pop-ups can change, from something as normal as a browser to a Microsoft information box it is often overlooked.

Not only do these pop-ups disrupt your experience online and in using your computer, but they will more often these days install malware on your computer without you knowing. If this happens you could be subject to receiving more pop-ups than normal as well as possibly having a dialler installed or even having your personal details stolen without you knowing.

From our experience there is a fine line to be drawn on howw much time is spent removing these types of malware, with our skills we can recomend the best course of action to resolve these issues for you.

If you have a problem you would like us to help you with then pleae use the "Contact Us" link below and we will get back in touch with you