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Monday, October 23, 2017
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To setup Push Email from 1&1 Internet on the Iphone or other mobile device supporting Push email

What is Push email?

Push email is simply a facility that will deliver an email to a client (mobile phone for example) almost immediately when it is received by your Mail host

Why bother?

Timing really, having push email ensures you can repsond to an incoming mail immediately and not wait until the next scheduled send/receive to take place

Other features oftern include shared calendering, shared tasks and meeting request functionality

Many proviors offer a Push style email service (the best known of these being Blackberry) however you can use push email on many mobile phones including windows mobile and Apple Iphone

The settings for 1&1 Internet are as follows:-

1 Goto

2 Log into your control Panel and select the package you wish to setup push email on

3 In the 'Order More Features' Section, choose MS Exchange Account, Order as many as you will need

4 Once Setup, create a new email address within the Email section of the Control Panel, but Choose Exchange rather than POP3

5 Log into here:- this is where you administer the Exchange account, you will see the exchange userid here, it begins with an 'e' note this down including the exchange\

6 Under the Profile tab, setup the Display Name that you wish the account to use.

Iphone Now

1 Create a new Email account

2 Choose Exchange

3 Enter EXCHANGE in the Domain Section (in capitals)

4 in the Server section

5 Enter the username beginning with 'e' in this format exchange\e.......... In the Username Field

6 Enter the Password for the email account in the password field

7 Make sure that the settings for Email on your Iphone are also set to PUSH

Your done

Contact Us for further help and advise