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Monday, October 23, 2017
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Does your Xbox 360 lock up while you are playing games? this is probably due to a common overheating problem of the Xbox 360. Even if use in a well ventilated area the graphics chip may get so hot that the solder that makes the contact with the motherboard will melt and cause the Xbox 360 to start crashing or locking up.

Most peopel then just switch the unit off, and then back on, it comes back on, then starts to lock up or crash sooner than it did 1st time around.

After a few power off's and then back on's, the dreaded three red lights around the power button appear (Game Over)

Here is what we reccomend you should do:-


1 - Check your warranty with Microsoft, the three red lights mean you get 3 years, not the standard 1 year (As its really a design flaw by Microsoft)

you can check your warranty by entering the serial number (Found at the rear of the 360, above the Video Socket, or just above the USB Ports at the front

If you have warrnty by Microsoft, send it back to them following the instructions on the site


If you do not have warranty:-

Dont wrap in a blanket, let overheat and think that this will cure your 360, you may get an hour additional usage, but other components may be damaged by doing this

Don't start banging it around to see if you can re-attach the graphics GPU

Call us at IT Reliance on 0844 736 5929, where we can repair your Xbox 360 within 2 working days for a fixed cost of £45, we will even collect and return your unit free of charge

Our repair changes the Microsoft design, by locking down the heatsink and re-flowing the GPU onto the motherboard, so the fix is permannent, we do however reccomend a heat extraction unit, and for your Xbox 360 not be placed anywhere there is little or no air flow