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Monday, September 25, 2017
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At IT Reliance, we take online presence very serious, especially if it is a source of income for any business.
We take the time to understand your business model, how your business operates, and we also take the time to get to know your products. We believe that by taking the time to understand these key areas, we can create a site truly fitted to your needs. After all what is the point of having a full blown out eCommerce solution if all you want to do is let the world know you exist and where you are located?

Each design process is unique, as every business and website will be unique, but we do follow a certain routine. In order to achieve that perfect look for you and your new site we split each project into 4 - 5 phases. These phases work as follows;

Phase 1 - Research, Structure & Basic Design Site.
This phase consists of several parts. Each part plays a vital role in helping us establish certain needs you may have and / or need. As part of phase 1 we would;

  • Check existing hosting infrastructure against requirements
  • Business case for web site drawn up and agreed
  • Stage boundaries identified
  • Research of competition
  • Identification of unique selling points
  • Map out structure of site visually
  • Determine content of site
  • Specify process to measure success of new site

Phase 2 - Code & Graphic Design, Comments and Changes.
This phase will always take the longest due to the skill involved in producing good quality graphical designs and incorporating those into your website. As part of phase 2 we would;

  • Produce a visual mock-up of the sites visual layout
  • Produce a visual mock-up of site with graphics in place
  • Build the site with graphics in place
  • Ask for comments and changes needed to optimise the look and feel

Phase 3 - Adding of Content & Training.
This phase is dedicated to the adding of your existing, and newly optimised content. As part of phase 3 we would;

  • Show and train you in how to use your new web site
  • Add existing and new content
  • Tweak parts of the display of content as needed

Phase 4 - Testing, Final Changes, Confirm OK, SEO & Go Live.
This phase is one of the most important phases there can be prior to going live. As part of phase 4 we would;

  • Cross browser test the new web site to make sure it is compatible with the top 6 most used browsers
  • Perform a full XHTML and CSS W3C compliance test
  • Establish  keywords for your web site
  • Implement methods to track visitors to your website
  • Submit your site to search engines
  • Submit your site map to google
  • Confirm the web site OK (signed off)
  • Confirm "Go Live" date

These 4 phases above are our core phases we follow in designing any new website (be it from scratch or revamping). There is an additional phase (Phase 5) which is optional dependant on your needs.

Phase 5 - Ongoing Content control, Ongoing SEO monitoring, Visitor monitoring.
As part of this optional phase we could;

  • Continuously monitor Visitors to your site
  • Make sure that SEO is always up to date
  • Add new content or edit existing content
  • Add new functionality to your website
  • Provide reports on visitor trends to your website

Phase 5 is not an as is phase and any part can be removed. This means that if you do not anticipate needing new functionality creating for your site then we could leave this out of the costing and simply approach this if the need should ever arise.